Various safety features determine whether a facility is safe or not. First is the safety regulations enforced by local authorities. Some areas require fences around the play structure, while others only place restrictions on the number of children spent. Other safety measures include having a trained staff member supervising every session and using childproof locks.

Flooring type

When selecting between a safe vs unsafe indoor playground design, consider the type of flooring used. Wooden floors are great for toddlers who might fall down but not so much for older kids. Slippery surfaces like vinyl are dangerous for younger kids to walk around on. If you have carpeted floors, think about removing those rugged rugs and replacing them with soft plush mats that cushion young kids from bumpy landings.

Sidewalk length

Sidewalks are an essential aspect of any playground design, and they protect kids from the dangers of slippery floors and help keep them stable as they learn how to walk. Make sure that the length of the sidewalks in your play area meets all of the needed guidelines. A good rule of thumb is that if a kid has to jump over a gap wider than 2 feet, you know the sidewalk needs to be longer. 

Structural integrity

If an indoor playground area has structural challenges, it can collapse at anytime. That’s why it’s essential to take extreme care when choosing safe vs unsafe indoor playground design and you can also choose Best indoor playground. For example, trampoline parks often lack solid flooring, and metal poles can break easily. Thus, a playground design without proper reinforcement can be dangerous.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but cleaning an indoor playground is not always easy. Some gardens have dirt and debris underfoot. To select between a safe vs unsafe indoor playground design, consider how much maintenance work needs to keep it in shape. Is it regularly swept and mopped? Do the walls need to be painted?

Safety plays a huge role in any indoor playground. Most people want to provide their kids with a safe environment that they can enjoy but often forget about safety. Choose a safe playground design for your children to avoid danger.